Located in Marshallville Ohio, Pine Tree Dairy is operated by Matt Steiner and his family. Construction of the new dairy facility was finished in 2012 and houses 650 milking animals. It features a parallel parlor and sand bedding. The heifer raising facility is housed down the road at the home farm (previous milking location).  3 other satellite herds currently are in operation.

In 2003, Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy was purchased at an auction in Wisconsin. Through numerous matings, Missy has left a large amount of descendants in the Pine Tree herd, many of which have made an impact on the herd, both through milk production and genetic progress.

A rundown of the management team at Pine Tree looks like this:

Matt looks over everyone's roles and handles the sales of service bulls.

Nate is a practicing DVM who oversees the herd’s animal health and takes care of the ET work on the farm and the surrounding area.


Joel, along with brother in law Jeremy  & Jesse manage the crops and field work and the calves.

Luke manages the feeding at a couple locations.

Aaron milks 80 Jerseys at a nearby location.

Andrew teaches high school at a local private school, and is part of the genetic program.

Matthew Jr. with the breeding and genetic program, raises calves, and works for IPS as a genetic consultant.

Ethan helps with fresh cows, and the genetic program.

In addition, a great crew of employees (next generation and others) completes the workforce.

The breeding program focuses on cheese merit (CM$) for each breed, lbs & % components along with health traits.

Pine Tree Dairy occasionally consigns to auctions around the country, as well as marketing genetics privately.
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